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Seatbelt Pillows

3 Sep

So, despite the fact that this is not a recipe (I can argue that a pattern is a kind of recipe…right?), I have to take a moment to brag…my kids fall asleep in the car in the most awkward positions (no, that’s not what I’m bragging about). I can always tell when my four year old has woken up because it comes with a wail and an, “Owie!!” because she’s kinked her neck from being flopped over for so long. I’ve seen infomercials for seatbelt buddies, or basically stuffed animals strapped to your seatbelt that you can rest your head on. Brilliant! Also, too much money! 🙂 What is the internet for, if not to copy the stuff you find in the stores for a fraction of the cost? So, I googled ‘seatbelt pillow’ and found rough measurements of what I would need, hit the fabric store’s 60% off fleece sale, made my own adjustments, and whipped out my own versions. And, darn it…they turned out so cute!


Here’s the basic guidelines for the pattern:

1 yard of fleece (you can use any fabric really, but I like the small stretch in fleece, and obviously the fact that it is soft)

* I ended up with extra fabric and made small blankets to go with each pillow as well

Felt or other scrap fabric for facial features

26″ long piece of Velcro, plus an extra 2″ if adding an animal head


Cut the fleece into 3 strips, each 26″x6″. Cut the third in half. With right sides together, line up your 2 bigger strips so that they are one on top of the other, then insert one of your smaller strips between (like a fabric sandwich) – one on each side. Sew the strips together on 3 sides, leaving the top open for stuffing and making sure that the more narrow fabric strips (the center of your sandwich) don’t get sewn into the bottom seam – they should end up like wings attached to a tube. Flip the fabric right side out and stuff. Stitch your opening closed. Sew your velcro strips down each length of the ‘wings’ – making sure that the velcro will close properly so it can be wrapped around the seatbelt.


There were some pillows that were simply the wrap around the seatbelt, but my kids wanted animals on theirs. I got one of them put together and then realized that I couldn’t sew the  animal head on the center because then it was useless as a pillow, but I also couldn’t sew it to the side in case they ended up sitting in a different seat and the seatbelt was on the other shoulder – then the pillow would be upside down! I decided to put a band that just velcro’s around the belt portion – that way they can move it whichever way is most comfortable, or take it off and play with it (turns out, an animal head can supply hours of entertainment- instant puppet! :)).


I just made up the patterns for the animal heads and used scrap paper for my pattern pieces. If anyone really wants them, I can probably figure out how to get a digital copy (aka, I can make my husband figure out how to do it :)). But I had a lot of fun creating these little faces, so don’t be afraid to try your hand at some serious creativity.

photo-148          photo-150


Pattern basis found here: http://thefrugaldiymom.blogspot.com/2013/03/seat-belt-pillow-diy-tutorial.html