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A little about me

27 Jun


First of all – I am not a chef. Nothing about the way I cook is fancy or complicated. I cook dinner for my family. I bake sweets when I have a hankering. If the recipe calls for something I have never heard of, I pretty much steer clear. I have tried and true recipes that I fall back on in a pinch, but I love finding new dishes to try as well. I have about 147 cookbooks (I may or may not be exaggerating a tiny bit!) and can’t keep track of the many websites I like to steal recipes from, which is the main reason for this blog. I’m tired of sifting and surfing through the endless options. A lot of the time, I’ll make something that my family loved and then I can’t remember where I found the recipe. No more! Here is my sanctuary for the food I love. Where it will never be lost, or spilled on; the pages will never stick together, and I won’t have to spend hours searching blogs and web postings for that one recipe I tried that one time…this is the plan. Just remember: Keep and open mouth 🙂 

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