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Strawberry Agua Fresca

29 Jun

So, my sister is moving to Florida. Please do not make me discuss this because I will cry. While I am super excited for their family’s new adventure, I heartily feel that the other side of the county is simply too far away. The end. However, because of this rather heart-wrenching move, their family has bequeathed my family with a bit of an heirloom – a good ol’ fashioned Coleman Williamsburg tent trailer, circa 1991. Many fond memories in that baby! My parents gave it to my sister’s family a few years back, and since traveling cross country with all of your belongings is hard enough, they decided that maybe dragging a not-so-frequently-used tent trailer behind said mass of belongings wasn’t ideal. Enter good ol’ fashioned tent trailer parked on my driveway – it is there for some major plastic surgery. Come to find out, while my sister’s family was not using it, a small family of mice decided to make the trailer their home. This arrangement did not bode well for the canvas tenting…or the toilet paper left in there. Fifteen to twenty ‘sky-lights’ later :), the mice were kicked out, having not followed the rule of thumb for any tenant: leave the place better than you found it. And on top of that, having been out in the not-so-sunshiny state of Oregon for the past few years, water took its toll as well, rusting out the roof and all the curtain hooks. “What, in heaven’s name, does this have to do with Agua Fresca,” you may be asking yourself? Well! Not only do I have a tent trailer in desperate need of TLC sitting on my driveway, but it is sitting there in 100^F heat. And I need to clean it. That gets hot – really, really hot. I also have a glorious little planter spilling over with fresh strawberries in my back yard (my husband hates eating strawberries but loves growing them – I’m not complaining). In the midst of vacuuming, sanitizing, and pulling down mouse nibbled curtains – sweat running down every crevice imaginable – this super easy concoction was just what the doctor ordered! The sad thing is that I really wasn’t even the one slaving out in the oven of a trailer for most of the time because I had to take care of baby. My sweet mom came over to ‘help’ me and I left her out there to do it herself half the day. So, thank you, MOM!!! I’ll make you a whole pitcher of Agua Fresca if you ever decide to come back. 🙂



2 1/2 cups water

1 lb strawberries

1/4 cup sugar

juice of one lime

Puree all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Chill before serving or pour over ice.

*Super easy and so fresh and tasty!!! I usually use bottled lime juice – about 1 tsp is equal to the juice of one lime. I also will do sugar to taste.